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Bus rental

Are you looking for bus rentals in Dubai? You're in luck! At RentUrDrive, we partner with leading bus rental companies to cater to travelers, tourists, and organizations needing buses for various durations.

RentUrDrive is your go-to for luxury bus rentals in Dubai. We offer minibusses and luxury coaches with drivers at affordable rates for daily, weekly, or monthly rentals. Our modern fleet includes 50-seater, 26-seater, and 33-seater buses, ensuring a comfortable journey.

Dubai, known for its safety and attractions, attracts thousands of people monthly. With crowded streets and costly cabs, bus renting is the perfect solution for group travel, airport transfers, events, and sightseeing. Enjoy hassle-free transportation with RentUrDrive's bus rental services in Dubai.

Some of the other core areas that rental buses in Dubai can be used for are:

  • Special Occasions: Whether it's your wedding day or a big event, renting a bus ensures seamless transportation for you and your guests. With a wide range of buses available from local suppliers, you can enjoy your special day without any transportation worries.
  • Corporate Transit: We provide transportation for business gatherings and conferences. Our vehicles feature amenities like WiFi for a productive journey.
  • Excursion and Retreat Transport: Transportation for group outings and picnics. Our drivers guarantee safe and punctual arrivals.
  • Hotel Transfers: We offer convenient transportation to and from hotels. Our chauffeurs assist with baggage handling and ensure seamless transfers.
  • Luxury Executive Transport: We offer luxurious transportation options for executive travel. Our vehicles boast amenities such as plush seating and premium sound systems.
  • Event Transit: Tailored transportation for weddings and events, ensuring timely and secure arrivals. Our drivers handle logistics, leaving you to savor the festivities.
  • Airport Transfers: Avoid waiting in long lines for buses or taxis at the airport. Book a private pickup and drop-off service from local suppliers through our app. Travel stress-free and reach your destination on time, whether within Dubai or anywhere else in the UAE.
  • Corporate Travel: For seminars, business trips, or meetings, renting a bus offers timely, luxurious, and flexible transportation options. Travel in comfort and style with our range of buses, ensuring you arrive at your destination ready and refreshed.
  • Coach, Minibus, and Bus Rentals with Chauffeurs: Select from various vehicle sizes, available for daily or weekly hire. Our skilled and seasoned drivers guarantee a secure and pleasant journey.
  • Airport Shuttle: We arrange transport from or to the airport. Our drivers monitor your flight status and adjust pickup times accordingly.
  • Guest Conveyance: Transportation solutions for guests. Our fleet accommodates small and large groups, ensuring prompt and efficient travel.
  • Group Shuttle Service: Day-trip transportation for groups. Our drivers ensure safe and punctual journeys to destinations.
  • Types of Buses on Rental

    50-Seater Luxury Buses: Perfect for large groups, these spacious buses offer comfort and luxury for city tours, corporate events, and special occasions. 26-Seater Luxury Buses: Ideal for medium-sized groups, these buses provide a comfortable and stylish mode of transportation for various events and occasions. 33-Seater Luxury Buses: Offering a balance between space and luxury, these buses are suitable for mid-sized groups and ensure a pleasant travel experience for tours, events, and more. Minibus Rental with Driver: Minibuses with drivers are available for smaller groups or intimate gatherings, providing convenience and comfort for short—and long-term leases, airport transfers, and school transportation. School Transportation Services: Ensuring safety and reliability; these services cater specifically to school transportation needs, offering quality buses and professional staff to ensure timely and secure student travel. Staff Transportation Services: Providing VIP treatment for office staff and executives, these services offer 24/7 transportation solutions, relieving commuters from traffic and parking concerns while ensuring punctual and comfortable travel experiences.

    Why Choose RentUrDrive for Luxury Bus Rentals?

    • Clear Comparison: Easily compare rates, rental terms, and car models, helping customers choose the best option among different agencies.
    • Easy Location Search: Find the nearest car rental agency using RentUrDrive's simple platform. Special Offers:
    • Discover daily, weekly, and monthly deals, offering customers affordable and flexible choices for renting a bus in Dubai.


    1. What factors influence bus rental rates in Dubai?

    Rental rates depend on various factors, such as the type of bus, number of passengers, journey distance, rental duration, and the time of year. Typically, luxury coaches cost more than standard ones due to their additional features and comfort.

    2. Is there a minimum rental period for bus rental in Dubai?

    Yes, most rental companies in Dubai require a minimum rental period, which usually ranges from 4 to 6 hours. However, the specific duration may vary depending on the rental company and its policies.

    3. Are there additional charges for extra mileage or fuel costs?

    Depending on the rental company's policies, additional mileage or fuel charges may apply. While some companies may include these costs in the rental rate, others may charge them separately. It's essential to clarify this with the rental company before booking.

    4. What amenities are included on hired buses?

    Amenities on hired buses vary depending on the model and rental company. However, standard amenities may include air conditioning, reclining seats, onboard toilets, entertainment systems, and WiFi. It's advisable to check with the rental company to confirm the amenities available on the chosen bus.

    5. How far ahead should I order a bus hire in Dubai?

    Booking a bus hire in Dubai at least two weeks in advance is recommended, especially during peak seasons or busy periods. This ensures availability and sufficient time for the rental company to make necessary arrangements for your trip.