Rent Polaris Slingshot R Car in Dubai

    Updated Car Price List 17-07-2024

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    Polaris Slingshot R Basic 2021

    Day Basis Price
    AED 500.00 700.00

    Weekly Price
    AED 2500.00 3000.00

    Monthly Price
    AED 6397.00 7000.00


    2 Seats

    Deposit: AED 300
    Min days rental
    Basic Insurance
    Quick Lease Car Rental dubai

    Quick Lease Car Rental

    City: Dubai

    Engine Capacity:

    RenturDrive offers the Polaris Slingshot R Limited Edition car on rent in Dubai in best affordable price with flexible daily, weekly, and monthly options.This is a truly unique three-wheeled vehicle that provides an open-air, exhilarating driving experience. This model stands out with its bold styling and aggressive performance, making it perfect for those looking to turn heads and enjoy the thrill of the road in a new way.

    Why Hire Polaris Slingshot R Limited Edition car on rent in Dubai?

    Hiring the Polaris Slingshot R Limited Edition in Dubai offers distinct advantages for adventure seekers and driving enthusiasts. This vehicle combines the thrill of a motorcycle with the stability of a car, featuring a powerful engine and a low, open cockpit that puts you close to the pavement for an intense driving sensation. The Slingshot’s open design allows you to fully experience the vibrant environment of Dubai, from the city’s towering skyscrapers to its scenic coastal roads. It’s also equipped with modern comforts and technology, such as a touchscreen display and Bluetooth connectivity, enhancing your ride with entertainment and ease of navigation. Renting the Slingshot R Limited Edition is ideal for those looking for an unforgettable and visually striking way to explore Dubai, offering a fun and highly photogenic alternative to traditional car rentals.