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Updated car List 25-05-2024


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MG ZS 1.3T LUX 2024

Day Basis Price
AED 149.00

Weekly Price
AED 0.00

Monthly Price
AED 0.00


5 Seats

1.3T LUX
Deposit: AED 100
Min days rental
Basic Insurance
Quick Lease Car Rental dubai

Quick Lease Car Rental

City: Dubai

Engine Capacity:

MG has established itself in the market, producing notable car models for many years. It's not just loyal customers who favor MG; the newer generation also sees it as a reliable brand for durability and satisfying driving. With dependable systems, MG cars are ideal for trips. Rent MG cars in Dubai from RenturDrive, a leading marketplace offering various models.

Hire MG Car in Dubai, UAE

Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, choosing a car from our Marketplace guarantees a comfortable and hassle-free experience in Dubai.

About MG

William Morris founded MG, or Morris Garages, in the 1920s in the United Kingdom. Initially, it was established as a sales promotion agency for Morris cars. However, it soon evolved into a manufacturer of sports cars known for their affordability, performance, and style.

MG Car Models on Rent in Dubai

Discover a range of MG car models available for rent in Dubai, including the MG ZS, MG RX5, MG HS, MG RX8, MG 5, and MG 6. These models offer diverse options for renters, from compact SUVs to spacious sedans, providing comfort, style, and performance for your travel needs in Dubai.

MG Car Rental Pricing in Dubai

Discover exclusive weekly deals designed for extended stays by our platform's providers. Immerse yourself in Dubai's allure, creating a stylish and memorable trip affordably. Enjoy luxury on a budget with premium services from our Marketplace. Compare and choose from various deals to customize your MG experience to your liking.

Car Features & Advantages

  1. Advanced Technology
  2. Fuel Efficiency
  3. Warranty Coverage
  4. Value for Money

Tips Before Renting an MG Car in Dubai

  • Age Requirement: To rent an MG in Dubai, you must be at least 21, adhering to local rules.
  • Valid Driver's License: A recognized Dubai driving license is necessary for MG rentals.
  • Traffic Rule Awareness: Familiarize yourself with Dubai's traffic rules for safe driving• Insurance
  • Coverage Check: Confirm the insurance coverage outlined in your MG rental agreement before driving.
  • Transparent Fees: Understand any additional charges like security deposits or fines associated with your rental.
  • Fuel Policy Understanding: Clarify the fuel policies applicable to your MG rental.

Travel In MG Rental Car Across the UAE

Explore Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah with RentUrDrive's MG deals on our platform. Experience the charm of these cities while enjoying the comfort and style of MG cars. With competitive rates and convenient rentals, RentUrDrive ensures your travel experience is thrilling and affordable.

MG car rental offers and deals in Dubai, UAE.

You can book a car with us without worrying about extra fees, guaranteeing the best prices. Select from various car vendors and check out our competitive rates for MG cars, whether for a day, week, or month. Exclusive deals are only found on RentUrDrive. Contact us anytime for assistance or callbacks.

Why Choose RentUrDrive for MG Car Rental in Dubai

Clear Comparison: Easily compare rates, rental terms, and models to make informed decisions on similar cars from different agencies.
Convenient Location Finder: Find the nearest car rental agency with RentUrDrive's easy-to-use platform.
Special Offers: Discover daily, weekly, and monthly deals on cost-effective and flexible MG car rentals in Dubai.


1. How do I rent an MG car in Dubai? 

Answer: Renting an MG in Dubai is straightforward. Contact us, choose a vendor, select your MG model, provide documents, and start your MG adventure.

2. How does the rental duration affect MG hiring costs? 

Answer: Longer rentals offer better rates. We provide attractive prices for daily, weekly, and monthly MG rentals.

3. What steps are needed to book an MG in Dubai? 

Answer: Booking with RentUrDrive is easy—visit our site, pick an MG model, contact the vendor, and reserve directly.

4. What are the benefits of renting from RentUrDrive? 

Answer: We ensure competitive rates, a vast MG fleet, and exceptional service. As a trusted marketplace, we facilitate rentals without extra fees.

5. What does MG rental cost include? 

Answer: Rent covers basic insurance, maintenance, and mileage.

6. Can I drive a rented MG across the UAE? 

Answer: Most rentals allow driving across regions, offering freedom to explore.

7. Why choose RentUrDrive for MG rental? 

Answer: Our Marketplace offers diverse MG models, competitive prices, flexible options, and outstanding service.

8. What does the MG rental agreement cover? 

Answer: It includes terms, responsibilities, insurance, and deposit details, ensuring a seamless rental experience.

9. Is a rented MG suitable for various purposes? 

Answer: Yes, MG cars are versatile, offering comfort and reliability for business, leisure, and family visits in Dubai.