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Hyundai Kona 2018

Day Basis Price
AED 150.00

Weekly Price
AED 890.00

Monthly Price
AED 3000.00


5 Seats

Deposit: AED 1500
Min days rental
SCDW Insurance
Nada Al Ward Rent a car dubai

Nada Al Ward Rent a car

City: Abu Dhabi

Engine Capacity: 2.5L
Year: 2024
Doors: 6
Auto Transmission: Yes
Fuel type: Petrol
GCC specs: Yes

Renting a car in Abu Dhabi simplifies travel, offering comfort, speed, and flexibility to explore the City's attractions. RentUrDrive provides hassle-free car rental services, allowing you to choose from a diverse fleet of vehicles, including SUVs, luxury cars, and economy options. With straightforward booking and transparent pricing, finding the perfect vehicle is effortless. International visitors can quickly obtain a rental with a valid driving license, while tourists may require an international permit. From iconic landmarks like Yas Island and Sheikh Zayed Mosque to thrilling experiences at Ferrari World, renting a car ensures you make the most of your Abu Dhabi adventure.

Why Hire Your Car on Rent in Abu Dhabi from RentUrDrive?

RentUrDrive simplifies car rental in Abu Dhabi, offering a diverse fleet and transparent terms for travelers' convenience:

  1. Trusted local rental companies partnered with us
  2. Convenient Dubai to Abu Dhabi options available
  3. Explore the latest rental rates instantly
  4. Seamless process for all vehicle types
  5. Ideal for business or family trips
  6. Wide range of cars for every need
  7. Airport pickups for hassle-free travel
  8. Flexible rental durations, short or long
  9. 24/7 customer support for any assistance
  10. Clean, well-maintained vehicles assured

Benefits of Hiring A Car in Abu Dhabi

Say goodbye to pricey taxis and inconvenient public transport. With a rental car, you can explore at your own pace, modify your itinerary on the fly, and effortlessly access every corner of the UAE. With a wide selection of cars available, finding the perfect vehicle for your needs is a breeze.

  1. Understand the driving and parking rules in Abu Dhabi
  2. Essential price-related facts for car rentals
  3. Unlock deals & discounts for rental cars
  4. Must-visit locations in Abu Dhabi

Driving and Parking Rules You Must Know Before Renting a Car on Hire in Abu Dhabi

Before renting a car in Abu Dhabi, it's crucial to familiarize yourself with the driving and parking rules to ensure a smooth and safe journey. Here are some essential guidelines to keep in mind:

  1. Seat Belt Laws: Always wear seat belts, as it's mandatory for all passengers in the vehicle.
  2. Speed Limits: Speed limits vary depending on road type and location. In urban areas, limits typically range from 60 to 80 km/h. On highways, speeds can reach 100 to 160 km/h, with major intercity routes having the highest limits.
  3. Mobile Phone Usage: Avoid using mobile phones while driving unless you are using a hands-free device, as it is strictly prohibited.
  4. Drink Driving: Never drink and drive, as the UAE has stringent penalties for driving under the influence of alcohol.
  5. Parking Regulations: Follow parking regulations and avoid parking in restricted areas to avoid fines or towing.
  6. Road Signs: Pay attention to road signs and signals, as they provide essential information and directions for safe driving.
  7. Local Driving Customs: Familiarize yourself with local driving habits, such as headlight flashing, which signals faster drivers to pass.
  8. Stick to Slower Lanes: To avoid confusion and ensure a smooth drive, stay in slower lanes on highways if you prefer not to drive at maximum speed.

Priced-related facts to know about hiring a car on rent

  • Unlike other platforms, RentUrDrive does not charge commission fees to its users
  • Pricing-related considerations include rental rates, insurance fees, fuel charges, and potential discounts.
  • It's essential to compare prices from different vendors to ensure the best deal.
  • Customers can enjoy transparent and cost-effective car rentals through RentUrDrive in Dubai.


Car rental Deals & Discounts

On our platform, numerous providers gather to offer you the best deals. We combine multiple suppliers who constantly compete to provide the lowest rates and discounts. This competitive atmosphere ensures that you, our valued customer, enjoy the best prices.

Locations to explore in Abu Dhabi


Renting a car in Abu Dhabi opens up a world of exploration to numerous fascinating locations. Start your journey by visiting the majestic Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque, a breathtaking architectural wonder. Next, drive to the iconic Emirates Palace Hotel, where luxury meets opulence. Explore the enchanting Al Jahili Fort in Al Ain to glimpse the region's heritage. 


Then, head to the lush greenery of Al Ain Oasis and the picturesque Jebel Hafeet mountain for stunning panoramic views. Take advantage of a visit to the thrilling Ferrari World Abu Dhabi for adrenaline-pumping rides, followed by a stroll along the Corniche waterfront promenade. Finally, venture into the City's vibrant heart and discover the bustling markets of the Abu Dhabi Souk. With a rental car, the possibilities for exploration in Abu Dhabi are endless.


Top tips for hiring a car in the Abu Dhabi


Are you planning to hire a car in Abu Dhabi? Here are some top tips to ensure a smooth and enjoyable experience.

  1. Research and Compare: Before booking, research different rental companies and compare prices, terms, and vehicle options to find the best deal for your needs.
  2. Book in Advance: It is advisable to book your rental car in advance to secure the vehicle of your choice and potentially snag discounts.
  3. Check Insurance Coverage: Review the insurance coverage offered by the rental company and consider purchasing additional coverage if needed for peace of mind.
  4. Understand Rental Terms: Take time to read and understand the rental agreement, including terms related to fuel policies, mileage limits, and any additional fees.
  5. Inspect the Vehicle: Before driving off, thoroughly inspect the rental car for any existing damage and ensure all features are in working order. Document any issues with the rental company.
  6. Familiarize Yourself with Driving Rules: Be aware of local driving regulations and road signs in Abu Dhabi, including speed limits, parking rules, and common driving customs.
Most Popular & Biggest Car Brands for Rental in Abu Dhabi 

Travelers First Choice with RentUrDrive:

  1. Toyota: Known for reliability and comfort, Toyota offers a wide range of vehicles suitable for various needs.
  2. Nissan: Renowned for performance and versatility, Nissan cars are ideal for exploring Abu Dhabi's diverse landscapes.
  3. Hyundai: Affordable and fuel-efficient Hyundai models are popular choices for city driving and short trips.
  4. Ford: With iconic models like the Mustang and Explorer, Ford offers robust and dependable vehicles for any adventure.
  5. Mercedes-Benz: Synonymous with luxury and elegance, Mercedes-Benz provides premium driving experiences for discerning travelers.
  6. BMW: Combining style with performance, BMW offers a range of luxury vehicles designed for comfort and agility.
  7. Chevrolet: Known for spacious interiors and reliability, Chevrolet cars are great options for families and groups.
  8. Audi: With advanced technology and sleek designs, Audi delivers a blend of luxury and performance on the road.
  9. Land Rover: Perfect for off-road exploration, Land Rover vehicles offer ruggedness and refinement for adventurous journeys.
  10. Porsche: Symbolizing power and prestige, Porsche cars provide exhilarating driving experiences for enthusiasts.
Budget Friendly Car on Hire for daily use in Abu Dhabi


1. Toyota Yaris: A compact and fuel-efficient option, perfect for quickly navigating city streets.

2. Nissan Sunny: Known for its affordability and reliability, it is ideal for daily commuting in Abu Dhabi.

3. Hyundai Accent: Budget-friendly and practical, offering comfort and efficiency for everyday use.

4. Kia Picanto: Compact yet spacious, the Picanto is an excellent choice for maneuvering through urban traffic.

5. Chevrolet Spark: Affordable and agile, the Spark is ideal for short trips and city driving.

6. Ford Figo: Combining affordability with comfort, the Figo offers a smooth ride for daily use.

7. Suzuki Swift: Compact and economical, the Swift is a popular choice for budget-conscious drivers.

8. Honda City: Reliable and versatile, the City provides comfort and convenience for daily commutes.

9. Mitsubishi Mirage: Fuel-efficient and compact, the Mirage is a practical option for city driving.

10. Renault Symbol: Affordable and reliable, the Symbol offers ample space and comfort for daily use in Abu Dhabi.

Car Rental in Abu Dhabi- FAQs

1. Average cost of renting a car in Abu Dhabi

Car rental prices fluctuate based on rental duration, with some vendors offering affordable long-term rental options in Abu Dhabi.

2. How to book a car on rent from RentUrDrive in Abu Dhabi

Renting a Nissan in Dubai is easy: Reach out to us, pick your vendor, select your desired Nissan model, submit the required documents, and embark on your Nissan journey hassle-free.

3. Can I get a car to rent at Abu Dhabi Airport?

Upon arrival at Abu Dhabi International Airport, renting a car is convenient, allowing seamless transportation to any destination in the City. This ease of access ensures a fantastic beginning to your journey.

4. What is the minimum & Maximum car rental Duration to book a car in Abu Dhabi

You can book a car for at least one day, offering flexibility for travel needs and schedules. Ideal for short-term visitors or anyone seeking a convenient transportation option, this ensures suitability for various travel requirements and timeframes.

5. What is the process & average cost of renting a car every month in Abu Dhabi?

Our marketplace offers a plethora of car rental choices catering to various budgets. From budget-friendly options with well-maintained vehicles to luxurious and exotic cars for stylish travel, there's something for everyone. Prices vary based on duration and vehicle type. Monthly rentals range from AED 1,500 to AED 30,000+, including VAT, insurance, and mileage limits.

6. What is the process & average cost of renting a car weekly in Abu Dhabi?

The price of renting a car in Abu Dhabi for a week varies greatly depending on the brand and model. Typically, economy car rentals range from AED 600 to AED 2100 weekly. Luxury and sports cars can go up to AED 35,000 per week. 

7. Some of the best cars to drive in Abu Dhabi?

Our marketplace offers a diverse range of cars that cater to various driving preferences. From reliable sedans like Toyota Camry and Honda Accord to versatile SUVs such as Nissan X-Trail and Ford Explorer, there's an option for every type of driver. These vehicles combine practicality with modern features, ensuring a comfortable and enjoyable driving experience on the roads of Abu Dhabi.